QIA connected to the aerospace industry

QIA connected to the aerospace industry

QUERETARO - The Queretaro International Airport (QIA) and Bombardier were the anchor for the aerospace sector in the state; the first space was created by a citizen petition to connect the state with the world, and the industry was the result of a coincidence that triggered economic growth.

It was in the 1997-2003 state development plan that the construction of the airport space was established as a necessity for the development of the entity. And it was on November 28, 2004 when it began operations.

In this regard, the former governor, Ignacio Loyola Vera, who was in charge of the government when the project was developed, pointed out that with the construction that began in 2001 they sought to connect the state nationally and internationally.

The space had an investment, considering the current value of the currency, of US$50 million, which consisted of the purchase of 700 hectares, the construction of a runway for an air terminal, control tower, the roads located inside, the taxiing area, rescue area, and a parking lot.

This land is located in the communities of Navajas and Coyotillos in the municipality of El Marqués, and Viborillas in the municipality of Colón. The QIA is located 10 kilometers from Highway 57 and 1 kilometer from the first railroad crossing from Mexico City to the north, where the Kansas City railroad company operates.

"At the beginning it was designed as a cargo airport, which has grown to position itself in second place for cargo at the national level, although if mobility and energy issues are resolved, it could take first place," said the former governor.

It is worth mentioning that Bombardier landed in this area, and although it was provisionally installed in El Marqués in 2006, it later consolidated the aerospace cluster in the airport area.

The company employs highly skilled teams to manufacture structural components for the company's main commercial aircraft, including the rear fuselage of all global aircraft.

The entity had a before and after with the arrival of this company, because it was the lever for the new development of Querétaro in the aerospace sector and in economic development.

The company continues with its expansion plans, just in 2022 they announced that they will expand their operations in Queretaro in the next 3 to 5 years, which implies 800 new jobs for the area, which will be focused on the aerospace sector, but now also for the information technology and cybersecurity sector for the company.