QSM invested US$12 million in Mexico

QSM invested US$12 million in Mexico

MEXICO - The chip design company QSM invested US$12 million for the construction of the first silicon wafer manufacturing plant, with which it seeks to put Mexico on the map for the manufacture of semiconductors used in various industries and to serve the North American market.

Alejandro Franco, CEO of the company, informed that QSM Semiconductores, the only Mexican company that designs chips, is preparing the ground to start in the short term the construction of a legacy plant, where it will manufacture semiconductors (chips) to serve the North American market, with which it seeks to generate a total of 160 highly specialized jobs in the State of Querétaro.

The plant will design and manufacture chips from the initial phase, he said, and is expected to produce 10,000 silicon wafers per year, which are part of a semiconductor.

The company's interest in Mexico responds to the need to mitigate the technological and logistical dependence that North America has on the Asian market, so QSM Semiconductores will be more than a company that designs integrated circuits (chips), it will also manufacture its own developments.

The three units of QSM Semiconductors will represent a total investment of US$12 million and the creation of 160 highly skilled jobs.

Within the framework of the semiconductor manufacturing process in North America, Mexico and the United States agreed to work in certain areas of opportunity, in which Mexico would be responsible for the production of wafers (wafers) and then the chips would be assembled in the United States.

It is worth mentioning that Querétaro is a pioneer in the semiconductor industry due to the presence of companies that promote a new development niche that includes design, programming and packaging.