Queretaro announces US$120 million in investments

Queretaro announces US$120 million in investments

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With uncertainties and hesitation ending from foreign investors that came with the Mexican presidential elections, Queretaro announces eight new investments for the approximate amount of US$120 million. 

The investments are mainly going to the automotive, mechanical metal, textile and chemical sectors of Mexican, Chinese, German, Korean and Japanese capital, according to the president of the National Chamber of Industry (CANACINTRA, Jorge Rivadeneyra Diaz.

“In fact, those who were hesitant had already invested; we take back the strong step, the firm step, and announcements of important investments are already going to take place . . . In fact, in particular, the foreigners did want to review our electoral process and I think the verdict is that we had a clean, strong and clear process; people are already investing in Mexico,” said Rivadeneyra Diaz.

Two of these companies have already closed and represent an average investment of US$15 million each, and a joint offer of about 600 new formal jobs.