Querétaro consolidates its position as a Data Center hub

Querétaro consolidates its position as a Data Center hub

QUERETARO - Querétaro is consolidating its position as a strategic hub for the installation of Data Centers, with 26 projects in various stages of development and operation, representing 600 megawatts of capacity in the short and medium term.

Marco Antonio Del Prete, head of the Secretariat of Sustainable Development of the State of Queretaro (SEDESU), announced that these investments could reach more than US$10 billion in the next decade.

According to data from the Mexican Association of Data Centers, Querétaro concentrates more than 50% of the country's energy capacity destined to the operation of these technological centers. Internationally, Queretaro is in the fourteenth position. In the Americas, Queretaro ranks seventh in computer capacity for data processing.

Marco Antonio Del Prete highlighted that with the installation of the first Google Cloud data region in Querétaro, the state is positioned as a strategic destination for both large and small companies in the technology sector.

He also said that Queretaro's attractiveness for technology companies is not limited to its location and security. Also the connectivity infrastructure and investments in the energy sector are crucial factors that facilitate the operation of data clouds. Therefore, the state is an ideal place for the installation of data centers, he said.

Governor Mauricio Kuri González celebrated the arrival of Google Cloud, underlining that Querétaro is strengthening its position as the technological heart of Mexico.

He explained that this new cloud region will allow Mexican organizations to access data analysis solutions with low latency and high performance. This will improve business decision making.

Kuri highlighted the presence of technology giants such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google, and their significant investment in the region.

"We should feel very proud of what Querétaro is and why these companies choose our state," he concluded.