Queretaro goes for 7 aeronautic projects

The State is currently competing against other Mexican states and even other countries, to attract at least seven aeronautic projects to be developed during 2017, disclosed the Ministry of Sustainable Development (Sedesu). “The total add-up this companies plan to invest is roughly US$200 million. They are suppliers and manufacturers, and negotiations would be completed by the end of 2016”, affirmed the Federal Officer, Marco Del Prete Tercero. State Governor Francisco Dominguez Servien commented that, during the work tour of Queretaro’s officers through France and England, negotiations will be conducted with representatives of different companies, among them Rolls-Royce, that are searching for a place to become established. Del Prete affirmed that Queretaro’s competition is not only domestic, but it also includes countries such as U.S., India, Poland, Turkey and even China.