Queretaro goes for the drones market

One of the main priorities of the aerospace industry in Queretaro is the development of the drones sector, under the leadership of Quetzal Aeroespacial Firm. So far, the State leads the development of drones for vertical photographs, and this category will receive a decisive boost for a first stage, and then it will enter other sectors such as the military. Jorge Alberto Ortega Sanchez, General Director of Quetzal Aeroespacial, highlighted that States like Jalisco, Baja California, Nuevo Leon and State of Mexico lead this industry development, but everyone has a specific category, for example, Baja California is focused on developing drones for entertainment; while Guadalajara has specialized in military aircrafts. Mr. Ortega stated that this represents a wide opportunity area for the State and it will be gradually raised, in order to reach the level of the more advanced States.