Queretaro is urged to invest in aeronautical professionals

Even though Queretaro has the National Aeronautics University (UNAQ) and the National College of Technical and Professional Education (CONALEP), Claude Gobenceaux, President of the Aero Cluster of Queretaro, said that the State needs to invest more in training, since they foresee a shortage of professionals due to the fast growth of the sector, representing the need of 833 specialists per year in Queretaro. However, half of the trained personnel moves to another sector or cluster, therefore, at least 1,700 people might be needed per year, including 550 engineers and 1,150 technicians. The Aero Cluster of Queretaro had a 6.6% growth in personnel during 2015, going from 7,500 to 8,000 hired people by the end of the year. Mr. Gobenceaux stated that there will be a sustained growth during 2016, however, the sector’s development will be more accelerated by 2017 and one of the challenges is to have enough trained personnel.