Queretaro plans to build a “Construction Cluster”

Queretaro plans to build a “Construction Cluster”

QUERETARO — The construction sector is one of the main links of the economic activity of Querétaro, being the productive segment whose growth is expected to detonate through the formation of a Construction Cluster.

The head of the Ministry of Sustainable Development (Sedesu), Marco Antonio Del Prete Tercero, said that through a “cluster model” aims to boost the development of industries, by combining the private initiative, the public sector and the academy.

“The construction sector, provides 10% of the State Gross Domestic Product and the same percentage of contribution to the generation of formal jobs, representing more than 50,000 job positions,” said del Prete Tercero

He added that at the beginning of the current administration there were three solid clusters, specialized in the automotive, aerospace and information technology industry; to which those of the logistics and energy sector have joined.

Source: El Economista