Queretaro, pride and joy of Mexico’s aeronautic sector

The aeronautic sector is Queretaro’s great gamble, as this is the fourth most important destination worldwide for this industry, only behind Singapore, Dubai and Bangalore, according to data released by the State. Likewise, the State has an airport, industrial parks with international conditions to receive global enterprises, cargo services are available, There is a university and a research center. The State is also a center of operations for the French Firm Airbus, an airplane manufacturer, as well as Bombardier Aerospace Mexico, based out of Canada, that designs and manufactures aviation products, and Aernnova, from Spain, a company that elaborates air structures, such as wings, stabilizers and fuselages. Also Safran, a French origin aeronautic company, that produces blades and engines, has presence in Queretaro, where its sixth plant was inaugurated last February, with investment valued at US$100 million, to produce blades and engines for Boeing airplanes.