Querétaro registers industrial occupation of 95% in 2023

Querétaro registers industrial occupation of 95% in 2023

QUERETARO - Querétaro currently has an area of approximately 4,000 hectares of industrial parks, with an absorption rate of between 93 and 95%, explained the Secretary of Sustainable Development (Sedesu), Marco Antonio Del Prete Tercero.

During 2023, the state agency endorsed the development of 200 industrial hectares in which new developments will be installed.

The state secretary stated that there is available area to receive new production centers, since in addition to the area to be developed there are usable warehouses.

"Currently we have about 4,000 hectares of parks and I estimate that the degree of absorption is between 93 and 95%, that is, there is land available for them to continue to be installed in addition to the warehouses that are already developed," he added.

The municipalities with availability of industrial surface, he said, are mainly Corregidora, El Marqués, Querétaro, Colón and Pedro Escobedo.

In this context, the state agency has a portfolio of 55 investment projects that, if completed, would represent capital for almost US$63 million.

In 2023, 52 investments were made, practically one per week; therefore, this year the estimate is to make around 57 investments.