Queretaro’s aeronautic industry will grow by over 5% annually

Joint work between the government and companies will strengthen the aeronautic industry in Queretaro, allowing for expectations of growth rates over 5% during 2017, affirms Juan Carlos Corral Martin, new President of Queretaro’s Aero cluster. He reckons that an expense outline with concrete annual objectives and work plans will be necessary, thus requiring financing from different sources, the contribution of all of the cluster’s members, and to collaborate with other clusters, both from the federation and international. Thus, the Aero Cluster in Queretaro must drive the development of qualified staff, along with universities. On the other hand, Corral Martin underscored that, with the arrival of the Mexican Air Force to Queretaro’s Intercontinental Airport (AIQ), there is another opportunity for companies in the State’s aeronautic industry to work with SEDENA, thus strengthening SMEs and integrating them to the supply chain for this industry.