Queretaro’s GDP to stay the same as last year

Queretaro’s GDP to stay the same as last year

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Faced with an uncertain environment, where there is still no clarity in the federal programs' rules of operations, the projection of growth of Queretaro’s GDP is between 4 and 5%, maintaining the level of the expectations of 2018.

Although some of the federation’s programs are still under development, the state will continue with the strategies of attracting investment projects and creating jobs, said the secretary of Sustainable Development, Marco Antonio Del Prete Tercero.

"Obviously it is an uncertain environment, because many federal programs, many rules of operations, many projects are still being delineated by the federal administration. However, Queretaro continues to do its job as it has done it for 20 years, we continue attracting investment, giving confidence to investors, generating employment," Del Prete Tercero explained.

The secretary of Sustainable Development of the state of Queretaro commented that the state’s growth will go hand in hand with future investments and projects.