Queretaro, third State with the most aeronautic industry

Queretaro is the third State in Mexico that has the most aeronautic firms operating. Baja California tops the list, with 74 companies; second comes Sonora, with 54, and then Queretaro, with 31 companies, as stated in a research paper entitled “Situación Regional Sectorial” by BBVA Bancomer. Mexico has 274 aeronautic companies in total (listed in a 2013 report), distributed over 16 States. According to BBVA Bancomer’s analysis, few Mexican companies have become part of the supply chain for the aeronautic industry, which is why the capacity for local certification must be increased, in order to attract companies from other sectors. This document states that the demand for air borne transportation and new airplanes will stay strong during the upcoming years. Regarding aerospace equipment exports, some estimates say they surpassed the US$7.3 million record last year.