Querétaro will be the first state with an aerospace port

Querétaro will be the first state with an aerospace port

QUERETARO - Querétaro will host the country's first aerospace port, informed the Secretary of Sustainable Development (Sedesu), Marco Antonio Del Petre Tercero.

The official affirmed that Queretaro's International Airport will be converted for this purpose, so it is only waiting for the accreditation to be issued by the United States.

It will be in about six months to a year when this will be achieved, once the administrative processes are completed in said country.

It is intended to function as a complete space port where aircrafts can take off and land, and a hangar could even be built for their safekeeping.

The objective of the project, he pointed out, is to position the Airport as a space port and attract industry and investments with foreign companies, mainly from the United States.

Among the characteristics that stand out in the space is its runway capacity of more than 4,000 kilometers, low humidity and no high temperatures, low probability of being affected by hurricanes and earthquakes, as well as its location and low population density.