Queretaro’s aerospace industry to accelerate recovery by 2023

Queretaro’s aerospace industry to accelerate recovery by 2023

QUERETARO - After the fall registered by the aerospace industry in 2020, with the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, 2023 was a year of recovery for the local industry; now, a 2024 of growth in its productive capacities is expected, said the general director of Aeroclúster de Querétaro, Antonio Velázquez Solís.

The industry resumed pre-pandemic indicators during 2023, surpassing the sector's projections that initially set periods from three to 10 years to resume the 2019 figures.

"Originally the prospects we had for recovery indicated that it would take between three and 10 years, it came much faster than we originally thought, the truth is that in less than a year and a half we have already seen very positive results among our members and our industry in general," he said in an interview.

After the recovery of the industry, he said, a 2024 with ample growth expectations for companies, expansion of operations, an increase in hiring and new business is forecast.

"Our members report to us that they are creating new product lines, more engine components, companies that continue to focus on manufacturing, on aircraft maintenance and repair or engine or landing gear components, growth in the engineering area, let's say companies that continue to expand their productive capacities to provide special processes. It is a very positive balance", he stated.

In view of the growth expectations, the relocation of suppliers has begun to be reflected in the expansion of operations of companies based in the state, in order to reduce the logistic risks of companies that are already operating in the state, but are adding new production lines and new processes.

The relocation trend is also observed in those companies that are locating their suppliers in Querétaro, through small and medium-sized companies that provide them with production processes.