Rane Madras LTD sets up in Aguascalientes

Rane Madras LTD sets up in Aguascalientes

AGUASCALIENTES - With an investment of US$31 million and the promise of generating more than 300 jobs, Governor Tere Jiménez announced the arrival of Rane Madras LTD in Aguascalientes.

This brand, originally from India, will establish its first plant in Mexico, consolidating the state's position as a competitive center of global excellence in the automotive industry.

The initial investment of US$5 million, with a final projection of US$31 million, reflects Rane Madras LTD's confidence in the favorable conditions offered by Aguascalientes, highlighting aspects such as safety, efficient logistics and the presence of highly trained personnel.

The company's decision to invest in this region highlights the state's strategic vision to position itself in the most competitive global markets.

Governor Tere Jimenez expressed her enthusiasm in this regard, noting that the state seeks to expand its participation in the most competitive markets globally, since it has the capacity to occupy the first place as a development power in Mexico and the world.

The arrival of Rane Madras LTD not only implies a significant injection of investment, but also the creation of jobs that will strengthen the local economy.

Harish Lakshman, vice president of the Rane Group, highlighted the family history of the company, now in its fourth generation, and emphasized that the new plant in Aguascalientes will join a global network of 28 facilities in India and the United States.

Rane Madras LTD specializes in the manufacture and distribution of steering and suspension systems, among other auto parts, thus contributing to technological advancement and innovation in the automotive industry.