Real Estate Management and Services Group

Real Estate Management and Services Group

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Providing the Environment for your Successful Real Estate Operations

Real Estate Management and Services Group (RSMG) is the operating partner of Prudential Real Estate Investors. Under this scheme their responsibility is to administer their buildings and search in the Industrial field for new opportunities for PREI. Pablo Culebro is the General Manager of RSMG and he chatted with MexicoNOW. He told us, "...we are dedicated to evaluate industrial parks in new markets as well as new prospects and projects, administer current leases and construction projects under the "built to suit" umbrella. However, we understand our major responsibility is to make sure the tenant is comfortable. These are our main responsibilities as PREI partners."

"We have been partners with Prudential Real Estate Investors," continued Mr. Culebro, "since the year 2005 and we have always had a pleasant experience working with them. We understand each other and we know the financial objectives that we are both looking for; we work together with a plan of action that has always facilitated accomplishment of all our financial expectations. The plan is based on the market that we're in."

RSMG has presence in the most important markets of Mexico. Pablo Culebro explains it this way: "We are mainly located in the Bajio and Northern Mexico. At the Bajio we are concentrated in San Luis Potosi, Guanajuato and Aguascalientes. In the north we own properties in Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez and Chihuahua. We also administrate two PREI properties; one is in Villahermosa Tabasco and the other one is to the north of Mexico City."

RSMG is a Company capable to provide fully integrated services for the real estate market. In this context, according to Mr. Culebro, "Our company is divided into four areas: Property Management, Marketing and Promotion, Administrative Services and Legal Services."

According to Mr. Culebro, the area of Property Management is in charge of ensuring the properties are maintained adequately. "This area has to be ready to solve any failure in terms providing the best service to our tenants in consideration of quality, as well as ensuring that construction companies fully comply with the provisions of the construction contract."

The Marketing and Promotion area is comprise of several regional promoters who are professionals in constant communication with the "movers and shakers" or the market such as economic development offices, Industrial Park promoters and real estate agents. Mr. Culebro says this is done by going deep into their relative markets. This is initiated in order to dominate the market economic drivers to identify potential clients as well as a way to offer our products. "They are also in charge," he pointed out, "of the relationship with our tenants in order to maintain always the best relationship possible."

"The Administrative Area," according to Culebro, " in charge of monitoring all administrative tasks around the properties such as payables and receivables. There is also the Legal Department. They are responsible for framing the environment in order to facilitate things so there are no problems in the way of getting things done properly."

Pablo Culebro explained that at this time RSMG is in charge of the administration of 44 properties totaling over 4,700,000 sq. ft. "Just recently," he explained, "we acquired a territorial reserve at the Guanajuato Inland Port located at Silao. Which is an industrial park excellent located featuring first class infrastructure. At this place we are building a first class inventory complex with the flexibility to receive both manufacturing and logistics projects. We are also aiming that it will enable us to capture the growth anticipated in that zone after the establishment of new assembling plants in the Bajio area."

RSMG finished the year 2011 very strong. According to Pablo Culebro, the 1st semester of last year was a continuation of the two previous years, still with performance lags and some crisis. "We felt that after the beginning of the second semester of 2011," he confided, "many companies trusted going back to Mexico and that was reflected in a movement that had not been seen during the previous 30 months."

Mr. Culebro concluded: "We expect 2012 will continue in the same way, but we understand that the European uncertainty may slow down some of our European projects. This is because we are not outside of the crisis yet. Although we see some excellent opportunities we are being cautious about not overinvesting."