Rockwell Collins to supply touch-screen flight displays for new Boeing 777X

Rockwell Collins to supply touch-screen flight displays for new Boeing 777X

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Iowa-based Rockwell Collins has been awarded a contract to provide touch-screen flight displays for all five flight deck displays on the new Boeing 777X jetliner, the company revealed in a press release.

It will mark the first time a commercial air transport aircraft will be equipped with this type of flight displays. The displays are expected to make the flight deck more intuitive for pilots and more efficient for flight operations.

The company owns a facility in Mexicali which manufactures communications and entertainment systems for commercial airliners and business and regional jets. With more than 100,000 square feet of production and warehouse space, this facility applies Lean principles to cellular production design for optimized workflow.

Operations and manufacturing cells are grouped by families of products to be processed –from component level to final assembly- by the same team. This production process accelerates flow, improves quality and reduces inventory.

The 777X touch screen flight displays will be multi-touch, allowing two pilots can touch the same screen at the same time. The touch screens also will employ resistive technology, requiring a firm touch to avoid unintentional interaction with the displays.

The bezel or frame surrounding the displays will provide bracing features for operating the aircraft during turbulence.

As Boeing’s display supplier on all of its next-generation aircraft, including the 777X, 787 Dreamliner, 737 MAX and the 747-8, Rockwell Collins is providing a common graphical foundation for pilots across all the aircraft.

The Cedar Rapids avionics, communications and information management systems provider was the first to certify touch screen primary flight displays for commercial aviation on a business aircraft.

Boeing has 300 orders and commitments for the 777X, with first deliveries planned for 2020. Rockwell Collins previously was awarded contracts to provide weather radar, select flight controls, a secure server router and optional dual head-up guidance system for the Boeing 777X.