Saab will return to auto industry, but not in the traditional sense

Saab will return to auto industry, but not in the traditional sense

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Sweden-based Saab Group, which abandoned its automotive enterprises on 2012 to focus on its aerospace businesses will return as a supplier. 

Saab group has stayed busy building aircraft, missiles radar systems and supplementary software. Now, it wants to bring its radar supremacy to the automotive industry.

According to, the plans are housed around a new fighter plane Saab Group has developed, which is scheduled to enter service in 2019. The onboard computer system to handle weapons and other essential controls is being looked at as a way to build a new platform for an automobile.

The radar system featured on the aircraft is also being studied for automotive applications. The circuits, made from Gallium nitride, handle incredible power loads with a smaller scanner being used. The system can see much further and clearer than any system currently in use, per to the report.

Saab is hoping the systems can be packaged and sold off to automakers that do not have the capital to develop their own systems. Saab CEO Hakan Buskhe stated the company will primarily target the European market and will announce a new company to assemble its automotive solutions.


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