Sale of “Halcón 2” will open aerospace industry in Guanajuato

Sale of “Halcón 2” will open aerospace industry in Guanajuato

CELAYA, GTO - The Halcón 2 already has the certification for the sale of its aircraft and will perform flight exhibition samples to show its characteristics, which will undoubtedly open up the industry in Celaya and the region.

Eduardo Knapp Hernandez, Director of Economic Development of Celaya, explained that in recent days the first exhibition was held in Mexico City and there are several to be held in different states.

"It is a series of activities that the company Horizontec has to promote the sale of the Halcón and, that those who have already presented their letter of intent to purchase, know the characteristics and see its flight," said Knapp Hernandez.

The assembly plant for the Halcón 2 is in a hangar at the Celaya airport, where 20 people currently work, but could increase to 100 positions with production.

"We understand that the manufacturing (Halcón) will be by order, but it is up to the company to establish the delivery conditions to be able to cover the demand according to the production capacity," the director said.

Eduardo Knapp stated that Horizontec, with the authorization and certification for manufacturing, will be able to export materials, especially engine parts, therefore, there is no doubt that the start-up of the production of the Halcón will attract attention to Celaya in the aerospace industry.