Sales of electrified cars in Mexico up 32.5% from January through September

During September, auto dealers in Mexico sold 810 electrified vehicles, 787 hybrids and 23 electric units, representing a 7.7% drop compared to same month of 2016, according to the Mexican Auto Industry Association (AMIA). 

From January through September, sales of electrified vehicles totaled 7,283 units, 197 electric and 7,086 hybrid vehicles, which still makes up for a 32.5% growth against the same nine-month period of 2016.  

Nearly half of electrified cars sales in Mexico, a 43.4%, take place in the country’s capital due to environmental regulations that grant benefits for those who owned this type of drivetrain. Second place on sales volume is the neighboring State of Mexico with a 13.8%. Residents in the State of Mexico are subject to same regulations when entering the Mexico City jurisdiction.


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