Sales of electrified vehicles hike 27.3% in Mexico during 2017

During 2017, auto dealers in Mexico sold 10,512 brand new electrified vehicles, a 27.3% hike compared to total sales in 2016, according to figures from the Mexican Automotive Industry Association (AMIA for its acronym in Spanish). 

Just in December, sales of electric and hybrid vehicles totaled 1,335 units, which represented a 20.8% jump compared to same month of 2016. 

December sales comprised 11 plug-in electric vehicles and 1,324 hybrid units. Total year sales of electrified vehicles consisted of 257 electric units and 10,255 hybrids. 

Most sales, 44.2% of those, took place in the country’s capital, where, due to environmental regulations, only owners of electrified cars are permitted to drive their units every day of the week.

Also, the local government provides incentives for cab drivers to trade their vehicles for electrified units.


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