Sales of electrified vehicles skyrocketed 64% in Mexico during January

Despite an overall decline in auto sales during last January, sales of electrified vehicles in Mexico increased by 64.1% to 973 units, comprised of 962 hybrid vehicles and 11 fully electric cars. 

In January 2017, a total 593 electrified units were marketed, but sales of electric units were higher with 29 vehicles, while sales of hybrid cars totaled 564, according to the Mexican Auto Dealers Association.

Overall auto sales dropped 11.5% during January to 109,145 units in the Mexican market, with electrified vehicles representing just 0.89% of those.

During 2017, sales of electrified vehicles totaled 10,512 units, a 27.3% hike compared to total sales in 2016. Just in December, sales of electric and hybrid vehicles totaled 1,335 units, which represented a 20.8% jump compared to same month of 2016.


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