Sales of electrified vehicles up 40% in Mexico from January through August

Last August, Mexican auto dealers sold 762 new electrified vehicles, including full-electric and hybrid units, the figure represents a 14.7% drop compared to same month of 2016. Nonetheless, sales from January through August totaled 6,473 low or zero emission vehicles, still a 40.2% growth compared to the same eight-month period of 2016.

According to the figures released by the Mexican Automotive Industry Association, August sales consisted of 24 full-electric cars and 738 hybrid vehicles, while year-to-date sales comprised of 174 electric cars and 6,299 hybrid units.

Due to environmental regulations that give incentives to electrified car drivers, Mexico City is the biggest market for low or zero emission vehicles, with 310 units or 43.2% of total sales taking place in the country’s capital. The State of Mexico, which neighbors Mexico City, followed far behind with 89 vehicles and a 14% share and Jalisco state was third on the list with 45 units sold or 7.1% of total.


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