Sales of hybrid, electric cars boost 323% in Mexican market during January

Mexican auto dealers sold 593 hybrid and full electric vehicles in January 2017, a 323.6% increase compared to same month of 2016, according to latest figures from Mexican Auto Industry Association (AMIA).

Most of those units, 564 vehicles, feature a hybrid powertrain, while only the 29 remaining were full electric, says the report.

Mexico City is where 42% of sales took place with 249 units sold, 239 hybrids and 10 full electric cars. The neighbor state of Mexico took 14.8% of the market, 86 hybrids and 2 electric units.

Jalisco followed far behind with a 7.1% market share, 26 hybrids and 16 electric cars, while Nuevo Leon took a 3.9% share with 22 hybrids and one electric unit.

The Toyota Prius Hybrid remained as leader in the market during the first month of 2017 with 384 units sold, due in part to a program in Mexico City which offers financial help to taxi drivers who get rid of obsolete units. 


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