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Aguascalientes, the Fastest Growing Automotive Hub in Mexico

Aguascalientes is the heart of the most important automotive hub in Mexico. It’s exactly where a short time ago eight automotive assemblers within a radius of 300 kilometers from Aguascalientes and other states including Jalisco, Guanajuato, San Luis Potosi and Coahuila came together to do business. Aguascalientes ranks second in manufacturing production and features a capable and productive labor force according to INEGI, the government’s statistical service provider. 

With a strategic geographic location with access to main ports, the USA border and also sharing common cities in Mexico--including Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey--Aguascalientes has a very well-designed road network with connectivity to most Mexican states, as well as to the U.S. This facilitates logistical duties for all enterprises having proximity to the railways, international airports and highways that connect the city to different places all over the Country. That’s because it’s located right in the very center of Mexico.

Aguascalientes is an attractive place and today is a burgeoning commercial and industrial center. It is Mexico’s second smallest state, but enjoys a large proportion of Mexico’s high-tech manufacturing output.

Carlos Lozano de la Torre is the Governor of Aguascalientes and he was recently interviewed by MexicoNOW. “The industrial re-launch of Aguascalientes,” he said, “and the growth of our automotive industry has boosted all the local economic areas.”

Aguascalientes landed one of the most important automotive projects that have ever happened in Mexico when the Nissan Assembly Plant was installed 31 years ago. This past November 12th, Nissan inaugurated its second plant in Aguascalientes (A2) and the assembler will reach a historical annual in-country production of 850,000 vehicles in 2014. Governor Lozano explained it this way: “With the operation of the second floor of NISSAN and its entire supply chain, Aguascalientes will now become the automotive center of America.”

Aguascalientes is the main attractor of foreign investment from Japan. The new complex of Nissan is 2.5 times larger than the current one with a US$2 billion investment. This covers domestic demand and vehicle export and includes a beautiful supplier park. 

As Governor Carlos Lozano proudly explains, the Complex was completed in record time and vehicles produced in Mexico by NISSAN have an 80% domestic content. A production increase of two cars per minute to 4 every 60 seconds to complete the 3 phases of the new complex is expected in 2017. “Nissan Aguascalientes,” according to Governor Lozano, “is projected to reach the goal of one million cars per year. Along with this development comes an estimated direct and indirect job generation of between 54,000 to 70,000 jobs. This forecast comes from a study done by the Tecnológico de Monterrey.”

Currently about 100 companies from over 25 countries are investing in Aguascalientes. Aguascalientes has come into the spotlight in Mexico and the world and is attracting the attention of the most competitive investors because of its high levels of education, industrialization and economic growth. All this has been reached in record breaking time in the country.

Regarding the role that Aguascalientes plays for the industrial development of Mexico, Governor Lozano said: “It is a key role, particularly in the automotive sector. With the projection for NISSAN manufacturing one million vehicles in the coming years, Aguascalientes will be placed as a leading state in the production of vehicles anywhere in Mexico.”

Aguascalientes is strengthening the country’s internal market with national and international investments. These feature high added value and the state is a strategic focus driving the growing competitiveness in Mexico and the region, according to Carlos Lozano de la Torre, who is the Governor of Aguascalientes. 

Regarding this investments, said the Governor, the Industrial Park San Francisco IV SIC plays a very important role. According to the political leader of the State: “It is a new and modern industrial park in which companies there have already been installed for the automotive industry. They will certainly complement the State’s supply chain. It is a space with world class infrastructure according to the needs of companies who are studying the possibilities of initiating operations in Mexico.”

The “sustainable industrial complex” (SIC)is the new concept that GP Desarrollos is applying to its industrial properties. They are doing this under a new trend of the “all in park” notion and San Francisco IV SIC is one of the first of its kind. Operations there are based on setting social and environmental standards. Synergetic procedures there will come from the destiny development and community connectivity trough. This approach utilizes the idea of the smart use of rain water resources, for instance, and landscaping spaces and allows GP to offer dynamic new sustainable development. 

San Francisco IV SIC Industrial Park is located in the north of Aguascalientes. It features an area totaling 201 acres with an available space of 187 acres. This complex, known as the San Francisco IV SIC Industrial Park, offers a choice of other amenities that will certainly meet development expectations. The options include strategic logistical accesses, sustainable practices within the complex facilities, environmentally friendly electricity and telecommunications with optical fiber, and there are many other amenities. 

Governor Lozano expressed it this way: “San Francisco IV SIC Industrial Park will certainly enable the companies located there the capacity to maximize their production potential and all their quality requirements, everything in fact that is essential in these times for any industry.”

San Francisco IV SIC Industrial Park consolidates the industrial development of the central area of ??the State. Governor Carlos Lozano concluded with this insight. He said: “The accessibility of this industrial park to Federal Highway 45 and the strategic location of Aguascalientes, allows easy transfer of goods and commodities throughout the entire country, as well as to major seaports. Similarly, it allows continuous supply between companies located in the State and regional areas who require this type of on-line delivery right on time.” 
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