Scania Mexico launches its latest new powertrain

Scania Mexico launches its latest new powertrain

MEXICO – Scania Mexico introduced a new transport solution: its SW6 or "Super", the new and latest diesel powertrain for trucks that involves improvements in performance, strength and speed.

This innovation for the freight transportation industry is part of the objectives of offering sustainable products for a better future.

The increase in global temperature is something that must be addressed, so Scania, aware of the responsibility of the transport industry, is leading the way towards sustainability through this powertrain that offers 8% fuel savings.

According to Andres Leonard, president of Scania's Commercial Operations for the Americas Region, the transport sector is responsible for 14% of greenhouse gas emissions. Thus, energy efficiency becomes a priority for the brand, with alternatives to fuels, the gradual shift towards electrification of the sector and the promotion of intelligent and cost-effective transportation.

Scania Mexico has the broadest portfolio of sustainable transportation options, offering from Euro 5 and Euro 6 technology, to options such as the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG) truck, in addition to the 100% electric cargo vehicle, introduced in April of this year.

"In the vision of reaching electrification, we work with alternative fuels, biofuels, smarter and safer transportation, for which today we have more than 500,000 connected vehicles to help drivers provide a more efficient service," he noted.