Scania seeks to expand its footprint in Mexico

Scania seeks to expand its footprint in Mexico

MEXICO - Faced with the growth of the freight transportation industry, the Swedish brand Scania is looking to expand its distribution, sales and maintenance operations throughout the country, especially in the northeast, due to the nearshoring phenomenon.

“We see growth in the transportation industry and that is bringing economic activity. We want to grow three times the operation in Monterrey, we will have the next opening in the Metropolitan Zone, and we are going to the entire northeast,” said Manuel Aranda, Retail Director of Scania Mexico.

He pointed out that they have an investment plan for the whole country because there is a lot of connectivity for nearshoring with the Manzanillo area, where they are going to open service points; they already have in Sinaloa, in the area of La Laguna and in Nuevo León where the connection is important for the movement of raw materials and merchandise from different parts of the national territory.

The objective, he said, is to strengthen operations three times more in the branch network, as well as in the CWS or customer site workshops and to reach 200 points in five years, now there are 60 CWS points and in Nuevo León they have five.

The manufacturer of Class 8 heavy vehicles and fifth-wheel tractor-trailers is also entering the segment for mining operations with a 40-ton capacity, as well as the Torton and transport for cars such as mothers and wet nurses.

In Mexico they have their corporate headquarters in Querétaro, they also have a small operation for the chassis and bus part, besides having presence in 14 states and have 1,000 jobs.