SCT and AEM promote the creation of a space complex

SCT and AEM promote the creation of a space complex

STATE OF MEXICO – The Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT), through the Mexican Space Agency (AEM), presided over the first tour to attract and promote investment for the creation of a space complex in the country.

"After the successful launch of the D2/AtlaCom-1 international satellite mission by Elon Musk's SpaceX, attracting investment to this strategic sector in our country is on the rise," said the general director of the Mexican Space Agency, Salvador Landeros Ayala.

Representatives from the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México, the Universidad Politécnica de Atlacomulco, the Atlacomulco Business and Industrial Associations, businessmen from the North of the State of Mexico and the company IUSACOMM also participated.

The participants recognized the innovation of the current Mexican administration in terms of public policy to transform the center of the country into the "land of Nanosatellites", and to encourage economic development for the creation of jobs in the region in strategic areas of connectivity and telecommunications, which are increasingly growing in the digital and internet era.

Source: A21