Second runway in Toluca’s airport as a federal government’s plan

Second runway in Toluca’s airport as a federal government’s plan

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TOLUCA  Alexandro Argudín Le Roy, director of the Toluca International Airport (AIT) confirmed that the federal government plans the construction of a second runway in this terminal, as well as an investment to improve air traffic control technology.


"The airport has no limitations, what is required is that the airlines are available to come, we have an underutilized infrastructure, we have the faculty to serve 8 million passengers and we serve practically 600,000, we have a very important capacity that can be useful to reduce the saturation of the AICM, "he said.


Several specialists, including Organización de Aviación Civil Internacional  (OACI) have indicated that Toluca is an airport with great technical difficulties, such as its height (it is located at 8,530 feet above sea level) and the climate of the area, causing fog banks an average of 40 days a year.


The executive explained that the AIT currently carries out 90,000 operations a year of general aviation and almost 9,500 of commercial aviation and has additional capacity for another 120,000 operations that can be carried out.


In 2008, when airlines such a Volaris and Interjet used as a hub this Mexican terminal, a maximum of 50,000 commercial operations were achieved. Currently, the airport is mainly used as a base for executive aviation.


The federal government plans to launch the Metropolitan Airports System composed by Toluca, the Mexico City Airport and the Santa Lucia Airport, which will operate jointly as a measure for air traffic congestion in the Valley of Mexico.


Source: a21