Segula Aerospace seeks to position itself in the Mexican aerospace value chain

Segula Aerospace seeks to position itself in the Mexican aerospace value chain

MEXICO - Segula Aerospace announced the launch of its new Tooling Automation System division that will serve Mexico, the United States and Canada, informed José Luis Zúñiga Tinoco, Aerospace Commercial Director of Segula Technologies Grupo Global.

In an interview with A21, the executive said that this division is located in Dallas, United States, and from there it will attend projects for North America, in order to position itself in the value chain of the Mexican aerospace sector.

He added that they have identified that one of the capabilities that Segula dominates in Europe with greater focus is manufacturing, which is why they decided on the Tooling concept since these are highly recurrent elements and for them they represent "the entry key to provide a lot of value to customers".

Zúñiga Tinoco pointed out that the Tooling Automation System division will not only serve the Mexican aerospace sector, but also the automotive sector.

"This helps us to diversify and to have a volume of projects that will allow us to continue advancing in our objectives. Here in Mexico we continue with the firm intention of identifying which are the services and products with which we can add to the projects of potential customers," he said.

The director pointed out that Tooling are tooling systems for fastening products that are useful for all flying and non-flying parts, which are produced outside Mexico for the assembly of aerostructures; therefore, they seek to replicate these schemes within the country.

For this, he said, they require companies with which they have worked abroad, such as Safran, Airbus, Bombardier, to see how they can replicate the same successful relationship they already have, but in the country.

He pointed out that in Mexico, Argentina and Brazil the aerospace sector has an incipient profile, where it is just starting and therefore, they identify the opportunities they can take advantage of.

Zúñiga Tinoco mentioned that by relocating certain operations to Mexico, they can take advantage of lower labor costs without compromising geographic proximity and the necessary technical collaboration.

This, he said, allows for greater efficiency in the supply chain and a more agile response to our customers' demands.

The division's initial scope will be in tooling design and development; manufacturing, automation and optimization; maintenance and repair; consulting and technical advice.

The executive added that in Europe they do machining and assembly, so they will seek that the so-called vertical integration can be done in Mexico, hence the development of the tooling part.