Semar announces its first 100% female crew

Semar announces its first 100% female crew

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MEXICO Lieutenant pilot of Corvette Sofía Teresa Flores Vázquez, co-pilot Lieutenant of Corvette Susana Vázquez García, flight nurse, Corvette Lieutenant Lakhrir Singh Ortega and aviation mechanic, Corporal Leslie Pineda Ortiz, make up the first female crew in Secretaria de Marina (Semar).

Through social networks, the government agency reported that the crew will perform Air Ambulance operations on board the KING AIR 350 type aircraft.

"It’s an honor to be part of this flight crew and know that at this moment there are girls who see us as inspiration and a motivation," said Lieutenant Corvette Lakhrir Singh Ortega.

Among the functions performed by the crew is the transfer of patients in cases of disaster, as well as medical emergencies, paying specific attention to the welfare of patients, surveillance and air patrol, among other tasks.

"It’s an honor to use my knowledge as a flight nurse, participate in this crew and know that I am making a big difference in serving Mexico, not only to save a life, but to be a representative of the struggle for gender equality, "said Singh Ortega.

According to the institution, the crew’s mission is to integrate a naval force with greater capabilities and gender diversity

Source: a21