Senate calls for gender equality in the aeronautical and aerospace sector

Senate calls for gender equality in the aeronautical and aerospace sector

MEXICO CITY - As part of International Women's Day, the Mexican Association of Aviator Pilots and the Mexican Aviator Pilots Union Association (ASPA) asked senators to work to guarantee gender equality in the aeronautical and aerospace sector.

During the forum "Mexican Women's Day in the aeronautical and aerospace sector", held in the Senate of the Republic, it was highlighted the importance of the current situation in the industry, since only 2% of the people working in this sector in Mexico are women.

"The numbers are low, we represent 5% of female commercial pilots in the country. The fact that some have excelled does not mean that we are in a won field, we need to continue fighting for equity and that is done through laws with a gender perspective," Alhelí Cárdenas Garza, Vice President of the Honor and Justice Commission of the Mexican Aviators' Association.

Martha Vera Araujo, ASPA's Secretary for Gender and Substantive Equality, mentioned that the organization currently has its first Gender Secretariat, in a sector where women account for 7%, which represents progress in promoting the participation of female aviators, since initiatives such as breastfeeding and the promotion of parental care have been promoted.

During her speech, Captain Arely Bailleres Verduzco, Aeromexico's Deputy Chief Pilot, pointed out that she is the only woman in the flight operations agency and that it is necessary to combat gender gaps in the workplace.

She also stressed the importance of developing management programs in companies that consider the needs of women to access decision-making positions and the urgency of women's visibility in aviation.

This event is a timely reminder of the persistent inequality that women still face in various areas of the workplace, and underscores the urgent need for policies and laws that promote an inclusive and equitable gender perspective in Mexico.