Seneam and Cocesna sign radar information exchange agreement

Seneam and Cocesna sign radar information exchange agreement

MEXICO - Servicios a la Navegación en el Espacio Aéreo Mexicano (Seneam) and the Corporación Centroamericana de Servicios de Navegación Aérea (Cocesna) signed a collaboration agreement through which they will exchange radar information detected by the radars of the Yucatan Peninsula and those of the countries that make up Cocesna.

The agreement was signed by Juan Carlos Trabanino Aguirre, Executive Director and CEO of Cocesna and Javier Alonso Vega Dour, Director General of Seneam, the latter explained that this exchange will be of great benefit to both regions as it will automatically increase the radar surveillance coverage of both corporations, in addition to generating redundancy in the detection of aircraft.

He explained that in the event of the failure of any of Seneam's radars, information from neighboring countries will be available, guaranteeing safe and quality surveillance in our Mexican and Central American skies.

"The collaboration ties consist of the exchange of knowledge, experience and advice for the design of new direct air routes and modern navigation procedures in line with international trends," said Vega Dour.

In addition, the two widely recognized aeronautical organizations share a vision of being benchmarks for safety and quality of service provided by both institutions.