Shacman to install assembly plant in Querétaro

Shacman to install assembly plant in Querétaro

QUERETARO - The truck manufacturer Shacman will build an assembly plant in Querétaro, which will have an initial investment of US$10 million and is scheduled to begin operations in the middle of next year.

From this assembly plant, around 1,000 units of the X3000, X5000 and L3000 models in their EURO 3 and 5 versions, and eventually EURO 6, will be produced by 2024, which will generate 250 jobs.

Carlos Pardo, general director of Shacman Mexico, said that nearshoring and high logistics costs from China drove the need to install a heavy truck assembly plant to meet the needs of Mexico and Latin America.

Carlos Pardo added that the fact of choosing Querétaro is due to the security provided by the state, as well as the facilities for entrepreneurs to make the procedures easy.

"The project will allow us to move from an assembly plant with the X3000 model to a manufacturing plant that generates national content and also exports to the United States and Canada.

The Chinese brand intends to close 2023 with total sales of 1,500 units in the product segments it offers from Class 6 to 8 in gas and diesel versions, and to increase this number to 2,500 units in 2024.

The CEO also announced that by next December the company expects to have a total of 20 points of sale in the country, and to double this number in a period of three years.

"We seek to become the fourth truck force in the country with a double-digit market share," said Pardo.