“Shipper of choice” creator of crossborder

“Shipper of choice” creator of crossborder

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MEXICO The trade between Mexico and the United States causes both of them to exchange goods each hour with a value of US $ 60 million, this leads to over US $ 500 billion in export and import operations during the year.

The size of the trade requires a strengthened supply chain to meet the requirements of customers in Mexico and the United States.

For this reason, Schneider México has been a promoter of the Shipper Of Choice scheme, aimed at consolidating long-term business relationships, favoring agile commercial exchange, and meeting the needs of the current merchandise exchange in North America, where there are required efficient supply chains, able to address the complexity that exists in the availability of equipment in the natural imbalance of exports and imports in our country.

It must be noted that treatment given to operators is becoming increasingly important in Shipper of Choice, a substantial fact in an environment where there is lack of good treatment to these employees.

"It's about providing them with the basic needs to treat them with the respect and courtesy they deserve, as well as the employees in their facilities," says Bernardo Rodarte VP and Managing Director of Schneider de México.

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