Shipper of choice: driver of commercial exchange between Mexico and the U.S.

MEXICO The implementation of the Shipper of Choice model is a concept that in the United States has begun to spread in the auto transport industry. However, in Mexico there is an area of opportunity for its implementation.

Data of Buró de Estadísticas del Transporte (BTS) of the Department of Transportation of the United States (DOT) refers that in 2018 the value of trade between Mexico and the United States reached US$612 billion, of which US$424 billion were carried out by auto transport, that is, 69.3% of the total.

In this scenario Schneider de México has focused on the implementation of the Shipper of Choice scheme to improve the commercial relations between both countries, and thereby increase the cargo capacity with its commercial partners in the area of auto transport.

The elements that Shipper of Choice considers are: greater cargo security, reduction in return of equipment, better treatment to the operator, terms of payment reduction, ways of transportation flexibility and greater network alignment.

Source: t21