Siemens believes digitalization within the Mexican food industry is the next step

Siemens, a Germany-based technological solutions supplier, recently expressed that digitalization will maintain the competitiveness of the Mexican industry in the global market, considering the 3 billion consumers that are expected for the sector by the year 2020.

In Mexico, the industrialized food sector has a market value of US$111 billion and an average annual growth of 5%, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi).

Iván Pelayo, vice president of Digital Factory, Process Industries and Drives of Siemens Mexico and Central America, pointed out that the industrial food and beverage sector in Mexico is an engine of innovation, growth and economic progress.

“The food and beverage industry in Mexico is one of the main emerging sectors in digitalization, as it demands high quality and personalization in its production, as well as a shorter production time to maintain its competitiveness in the global economy,” said Iván Pelayo , Vice President of Digital Factory, Process Industries and Drives of Siemens Mexico and Central America.

Among the innovations that Siemens offers to the industry, he said, there is the use of production management software called Manufacturing Operations Management and the digital twin, which allows companies to reduce the time to market by up to 50%, representing a great competitive advantage.



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