Six Asian companies to arrive in Coahuila

Six Asian companies to arrive in Coahuila

COAHUILA - More than US$845 million and more than 3,000 new jobs for Coahuila was the result of the state's economic promotion tour in Asia, during which six companies were announced to be installed in the state.

Accompanied by Blas José Flores González, Chief of Cabinet and Strategic Projects; Claudio Bres Garza, Secretary of Economy; Luis Eduardo Olivares Martínez, Director of the Office of Economic and Tourist Promotion Pro Coahuila, Governor Manolo Jiménez announced in a press conference the results of his visit to the cities of Tokyo, Japan; Beijing, Shanghai and Jiangsu, in China, where he met with 180 automotive companies.

The six companies that decided to invest in Coahuila are dedicated to molding and plastic injection for the automotive industry, aerospace and appliances (US$135 million); manufacturing of rolling dies (US$55 million); metal auto parts and stampings (US$50 million); recycling of lithium batteries (US$55 million); manufacturer of bearings, rollers and automotive components (US$50 million); and the tire company ZC RUBBER (more than US$500 million).

Acording to the Government of Coahuila, of these companies, two will be located in La Laguna, one in the Carboniferous region, and three in the Southeast region.

Jiménez Salinas announced that in the next few weeks important investment announcements will be made for Piedras Negras and Monclova.

“With this we are achieving to strengthen the even economic development between the regions, and as I have said before, the most powerful tool we can give to our people so that they can get ahead, is that they can have a good and well paid job,” said the Governor.

He announced that in the next few weeks they will be touring Texas and later Europe.