SLP goes for the aerospace sector

Other than Korean companies interested in investing in the aerospace sector in San Luis Potosi, there are also firms from different nationalities; this is a new strategy to diversify the metropolitan zone industry, as the automotive cluster is almost fully consolidated, said the head of SEDECO, Gustavo Puente Orozco. Besides, the competence of San Luis Potosi, both within and beyond the aerospace sector, is based not only in the State of Coahuila, but also in Queretaro and Jalisco, as there is a wide variety of companies that are looking to come and invest in Mexico. “The corporations are the ones that make the final decision. We have a Korean company currently assessing the possibility to set up operations here, with a US$200 million investment, but they have not reached a final decision yet, it shall be ready by November”. Over the last months, several companies have been invited into the State, as well as several visits have been welcomed, so at this time, there is not specific data about number of companies that would be investing in SLP’s aerospace sector.