Smart exits Mexican market for a while to return as a full-electric brand

Smart exits Mexican market for a while to return as a full-electric brand

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Daimler’s micro urban cars subsidiary Smart, announced that it will cease operations in Mexico for a while to change its full range of combustion-propelled cars to electric vehicles. “Following the new CASE strategy (Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Service, Electrified), the new Smart EQ brand, starting 2019, will comprise only of fully electric cars, becoming the first brand in the world to make this leap towards future,” said the company in a statement.

“Due to this global strategy and in order to always deliver the best product to our customers, Smart Mexico will continue to work on adapting the car, since the batteries of the Smart are located on the floor of the car, there's high safety standards that as a brand we have to deliver in any product, so the vehicle must be prepared for the conditions of the country,” says the document.

Smart emphasized that all Mercedes-Benz & Smart dealers will continue to provide customer service as they have done up to now and that no one should worry about lack of attention at any level.

“It's not a ‘goodbye’, it's a ‘see you later’ to continue with the arduous path that involves the electrification of the brand and the progress towards the future of EQ,” the statement concludes.



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