Societé Générale is fully interested in the Mexican energy industry

The global head of Corporate and Investment Banking at Société Générale, Thierry D’Argent, said that Mexico is, after China, the most attractive emerging country with plenty of potential in its energy sector.

“Mexico has enormous potential and some of the windows of opportunity offered correspond to what we are, a financial group with a very deep knowledge of the energy sector. We have worked in this sector in Africa, the Middle East and Europe,” D’Argent added.

D’Argent expresses optimism about Mexico, but isn’t quick to lose his sense of caution. “We are realistic and we see many advantages, it is a country with a strong economy, which has a diversified industrial sector and is a key partner to the United States.”

The global head at Corporate and Investment Banking believes that Mexican companies are expanding to Europe and Africa, as it’s more common to witness the country star in foreign acquisitions outside of its habitual territory.