Sonora reopens its beaches

Sonora reopens its beaches

SONORA - Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, also known as Rocky Point or “Arizona’s Beach” due to its proximity to the Grand Canyon State, has reopened for tourism and is welcoming visitors to its sunny shores.

With the safety of residents and tourists a priority, the resort destination, which has only seen a handful of coronavirus cases, has implemented a series of protocols corresponding to phase three of its reopening plan, Mayor Kiko Munro in a press release.

“Now that we know our efforts to lock down and stay at home have limited the spread of coronavirus in Rocky Point, we have been happy to welcome tourists back in our town,” said Keith Allen of the Peñasco Business Coalition.

Healthy visitors are encouraged to return to Puerto Peñasco, but are required to wear a face mask in public areas and businesses.

Travelers will have their body temperature checked upon arrival at health checkpoints, and anyone registering a temperature higher than 37.5 C will be asked to leave their vehicle and take a second temperature test. If the reading is the same, the passenger will be offered a free, rapid coronavirus test.

A positive result means travelers will be asked to return to their point of origin. If the test is negative, visitors will be allowed to continue but advised to consult with a doctor.

Visitors will also be asked to show proof of a lodging reservation at an approved hotel, resort or rental property.

All residents and visitors are encouraged to maintain a healthy distance from others of approximately two meters.

Beaches remain closed, but some hotels may allow access to pools or the small beaches directly in front of their property, although swimming in the ocean is not permitted.

Sportsfishing has been reopened, as have other marine tourism businesses. The boardwalk area of the Malecón is open until 9 p.m. for those who would like to take a stroll along the sea, but they must do so with masks in place.

Source: Mexico News Daily