South Zone – Issue 62

South Zone – Issue 62

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++ferrosur++ Ferrosur will invest US$13 million in the expansion of Puebla-Veracruz corridor

Mexico.- Ferrosur will invest US$13 million in six projects to expand Puebla-Veracruz corridor capacity, mainly in sidetracks and yards, to meet an increase in demand, Miguel Angel Garcia, Regional Manager, Southeast Region, informed.

In an interview, he said that the most important project, from an operations viewpoint is the expansion of sidetracks at Laurelal, 10 kilometres from Veracruz, which will provide for greater operation capacity at their Veracruz yard, currently of around 950 cars.

Other projects include expanding Peñuela sidetrack, Zacatelco sidetrack (in Puebla) and Santa Rita sidetrack (in Veracruz); these works are specifically targeted for Volkswagen’s expansion plans. In addition, Ferrosur operations yard in Puebla will also be expanded.

These works will help provide service to markets such as metals, automotive, steel junk, grains and flour industries, among others.