Spain-based Fagor Ederlan, Grupo Industrial Saltillo open two plants in San Luis Potosi

Spain-based Fagor Ederlan, Grupo Industrial Saltillo open two plants in San Luis Potosi

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The companies Fagor Ederlan and GISederlan inaugurated in recent days their respective plants in San Luis Potosi, to which an investment of more than EUR 80 million or about US$ 97.7 million was allocated. Both plants are already part of the supply chain of the automotive industry in the region and together generate around 350 direct jobs.

First the GISederlan plant was inaugurated, which is a company dedicated to the machining of automotive parts with an installed annual capacity of 3.5 million automotive components for suspension systems, steering, brakes and powertrain; as well as the assembly of bimetallic discs for premium vehicles. The plant is located in the Industrial Zone and is the result of joint venture between Grupo Industrial Saltillo (GIS) and Fagor Ederlan.

Later, the Fagor Ederlan plant was inaugurated, which focuses on the manufacture of aluminum suspension bracket holders for global premium customers, and has an annual manufacturing capacity of more than 2 million cast and machined components. The Spain-based company belongs to the Mondragon Group and is located in the Colinas Industrial Park in Ciudad Satelite.

It is worth noting that Grupo Industrial Saltillo has more than 8,000 employees in 25 production units located in Mexico, Spain, the Czech Republic, Poland, Italy and China; as well as commercial presence and distribution in the USA. 

It is dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of auto parts, water heaters, systems for the conduction of fluids, floors and ceramic coverings, as well as articles for kitchen and table.

On the other hand, Fagor Ederlan Group, has more than 4,000 workers and operates as a cooperative integrated in the Mondragon Group. It is a leading supplier of automotive components of Chassis and Powertrain, which offers comprehensive solutions to the market in all product lines and has 20 plants and productive alliances in the main regions of the sector such as Europe, Mercosur, Asia and NAFTA.


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