Spain sees more business openness with Sheinbaum

Spain sees more business openness with Sheinbaum

MEXICO - Spanish investment expects to grow in Mexico amid a business environment with greater "closeness" and "openness" to dialogue with the arrival to power of the future president, Claudia Sheinbaum.

The president of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Mexico (Camescom), Antonio Basagoiti, assured that, after the June 2 elections and Sheinbaum's landslide victory, the business climate feels more "close".

"With the new president we noticed closeness with foreign investment, which Spanish investment is very important, and we noticed openness to dialogue," he commented in an interview at the organization's headquarters in the Mexican capital.

Basagoiti added that a central issue and one that "fits very well" between Spanish investment and the next government of Sheinbaum, is that it be accompanied by social development with sustainability.

The president of Camescom remarked that Mexico maintains its high potential, to the extent that he affirmed that it is one of the key markets where foreign investments should be targeted.

"it is the country to be in today in the world, from the business point of view," he said.

In Basagoiti's opinion, Mexico is consolidating its position as a global center for "manufacturing at high levels for North America", the largest market in the world.