State of the Global Supply Chain in 2024

State of the Global Supply Chain in 2024’s latest Audio Interview "State of the Global Supply Chain in 2024" features David Shillingford.  Mr. Shillingford is the CoFounder of Everstream Analytics, a leading supply chain risk analytics company that enables end-to-end predictive visibility to supply chain risk for many of the world’s best-known companies. He has led the development of several industry-wide data and analytics platforms both as an entrepreneur and as SVP Supply Chain at Verisk Analytics (a NASDAQ company).

In the 12-minute Audio Interview, Mr. Shillingford discusses these questions:

  • It’s the time of year for making predictions. What are your predictions for 2024?
  • That’s a lot to think about. If our listeners were to focus on one risk, what would you advise and why?
  • Are there a couple of other global developments in 2024 that we should all be following?
  • We’ve got a few minutes left and I don’t want to let you go without asking about the events in the Red Sea.  What is happening, what has the impact been and how do you see it evolving?