Stellantis Mexico and AMSDE strengthen the automotive supply chain

Stellantis Mexico and AMSDE strengthen the automotive supply chain

MEXICO - In an effort to capitalize on the favorable conditions of Nearshoring, Stellantis Mexico and the Mexican Association of Secretaries of Economic Development (AMSDE) have formalized a historic agreement to consolidate the automotive supply chain in Mexico.

The signing of this agreement took place during the AMSDA General Assembly, with the presence of Marco Antonio Del Prete Tercero, President of the organization; Evelin Nava, Purchasing Director of Stellantis Mexico; and Joaquin Alava, Director of Public Affairs of Stellantis Mexico.

This agreement represents a significant step in strengthening Stellantis Mexico's Supplier Development Program. The main objective of this program is to significantly increase the acquisition of inputs in Mexico, in order to supply manufacturing processes both in North America and globally.

Stellantis Mexico has emphasized that this agreement seeks to take full advantage of the competitive advantages offered by Mexico, such as its quality, competitiveness and the skills of its workforce. For the group, Mexico is a strategic platform of excellence in the manufacture and export of vehicles and engines, with optimal potential to increase its relevance worldwide.

Joaquín Álava, Director of Public Affairs of Stellantis Mexico, said: 'Through the signing of this agreement, we seek to generate synergies and strategic alliances with the governments of the states to continue to jointly promote the integration of value chains, particularly in the automotive sector.

This agreement reflects the commitment of both Stellantis Mexico and AMSDE to strengthen the automotive industry in Mexico and take advantage of its potential as a leader in the region.