Tamaulipas Aerocluster is established

Tamaulipas Aerocluster is established

TAMAULIPAS – The establishment of air and aerospace industry clusters throughout the country should promote Mexico as a potential direct supplier of companies in this sector, which is why the Tamaulipas Aerocluster has been created.

"Undoubtedly, we need more commercial and cargo flights in the five airports of our state, but at the same time we must promote Tamaulipas in the establishment of companies dedicated to manufacturing for the aviation industry," explained Raul Llamas Cervantes, of the Tamaulipas Aerocluster.

According to the explanation, the aerospace industry investments that are in perspective to arrive to the north of the country make necessary the development of companies that can become suppliers of parts, equipment and components.

"Fuselages, landing gear, stabilizers, structures, insulators, electrical harnesses, components for braking systems, engines and turbines, among others, are the type of products that are already being manufactured in our country for the aeronautical sector," said Carlos Arteaga Rios, who is also a member of the aforementioned civil association.

Reynaldo Ramirez Zavala, also from Aerocluster Tamaulipas, assured that education, innovation and creation, in coordination with key alliances, will be pillars in the growth of the aviation and aerospace industry in Tamaulipas.

Finally, it was explained that from the creation of the Tamaulipas Aerocluster, it will seek to collaborate with the federal government, state, municipalities, airlines, airport groups, the Federal Civil Aviation Agency, the Mexican Federation of the Aerospace Industry and the aeroclusters of the different states of the country.