Tamaulipas bets on electromobility

Tamaulipas bets on electromobility

TAMAULIPAS - The electromobility industry is emerging as a strategic sector for the economic development of Tamaulipas, with enormous potential to generate jobs, diversify the economy and promote sustainable practices.

During the North America Mobility & Net Zero Summit 2024, the Secretary of Economy of Tamaulipas, Ninfa Cantú Deándar, highlighted the importance of this sector for the state.

"Electromobility is a strategic industry globally, and the presence of related companies in Tamaulipas can attract foreign investment, foster the transfer of technology and knowledge, and strengthen trade relations," she said.

Cantú Deándar participated in the Inaugural Panel: Sustainable Nearshoring, a historic opportunity for the north of Mexico, together with Roger Rigaud, Consul General of the United States in Monterrey; Sandra Shaddick, Consul of Canada in Monterrey; and Hernán Manuel Villarreal, Secretary of Mobility and Planning of Nuevo León.

The head of the Ministry of Economy of Tamaulipas also addressed the impact of nearshoring in northeastern Mexico, highlighting its benefits in terms of economic growth, job creation, infrastructure development and economic diversification. However, he also recognized the challenges it presents, such as the need to improve labor competitiveness, protect the environment, and promote equitable regional development.

In line with Agenda 2030 and in coordination with the Ministry of Urban Development and Environment, the administration of Governor Américo Villarreal is promoting strategic projects to promote sustainability in mobility in all regions of the state.

The North America Mobility & Net Zero Summit 2024 brought together officials from different levels of government from the north of the country, executives from national and international companies, and experts in the field to analyze trends and opportunities in the electromobility sector and the search for a future with zero net emissions.

Tamaulipas' participation in this event reaffirms its commitment to the development of a sustainable electromobility industry that drives economic growth, job creation and environmental protection.